About Curbing

What is a landscape curb?

Landscape Curbing is a continuous custom concrete border extruded from a landscape curb machine creating an extremely durable and permanent border between flowerbeds and lawn.


  • Eye-catching, distinctive new look with lasting beauty.
  • Greatly improves landscape appearance.
  • Each curbing job is unique.
  • Fast, clean installation.
  • Saves time on trimming & weeding.
  • Prevents erosion, holding soil and mulch in place.
  • Increases property value. 

 Curbing can border flower beds, mail boxes, driveways, tree ring, patios, pools or any other setting. A wide range of color and style selections compliment the architectural style of your home or building. It is durable and permanent– will not rust like metal, rot like wood, break like plastic, move or separate like bricks.  



Every property owner needs to maintain some type of edging to keep their garden and lawn separate. Most property owners have used wood, plastic, brick, stone or heavy ready-made sections made of pre-cast concrete. However, there are many problems with these traditional borders, such as wood decay, plastic brittleness, irregularity, and movement.



Also, the biggest complaint with traditional edging is the rigid, straight line contour limitations and blandness of appearance. Property owners also have to dig and trim these areas regularly to maintain a clean edge between their flower beds and lawn.